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Why re-loved furniture?

In the past furniture was built to last, often made out of solid wood and passed down through the generations. Unfortunately like many things in today’s world, furniture has succumbed to mass production often using cheap materials that don’t last and design trends that quickly fade - all contributing to the unsustainable throwaway culture in which we live.

Re-loved furniture is the process of transforming a solid piece of furniture that is no longer loved into something beautiful and useful, all while providing environmental, social and economical benefits. With a little bit of TLC and a pop of colour, a tired, rugged, old-fashioned piece of furniture can be completely rejuvenated! In fact, many people are pleasantly surprised how a transformed piece (or two!) really does suit their home decor, bringing in the warmth of nostalgic charm and helping them to express their individuality. I invite you to explore the beauty of re-loved furniture and break the buy-dump-replace cycle of modern living.

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